From Classroom to Construction: Chris’s Journey


Meet Chris, an Employee-Owner at Ancon Construction, with over five years of experience. His path to construction began with a career in education, teaching geometry, physics, and chemistry at the high school level. Reflecting on his time in education, Chris acknowledges the challenges teachers face, including managing behaviors and technology distractions, while deeply respecting their vital role in shaping young minds.

With his educational background, Chris decided to embrace a new adventure in construction. At Ancon, he found a supportive environment to learn and grow, gaining valuable insights from colleagues both in the office and on-site. These mentors played a crucial role in shaping his development as a project manager, navigating the complexities of commercial construction. This career change shows how valuable it is to seize opportunities and be adaptable.

“Chris is a great asset to Ancon and our project management team.  He has been instrumental in strengthening our team, leveraging his teaching background to support new members joining Ancon. He has a great career ahead of him, and we are fortunate to have him at Ancon,” shares Doug VonGunten, the President of Ancon Construction.

“Ancon is an amazing place to work because of the people and the environment,” shares Chris Morrical. “We put in hard work, but we also take time to celebrate our successes, get to know each other personally, and have fun. I love that my job provides new experiences and challenges every day. No two projects are exactly the same, leading to tons of opportunities to learn and grow.”

To Chris, project management is more than just overseeing construction sites; it involves navigating each unique challenge across diverse projects, demanding attention to detail and skillful coordination from start to finish. He emphasizes Ancon’s culture and reflects on a favorite project, Shady Creek Winery, notable for its unique design elements and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. He takes great pride in fostering the lasting relationships he has developed with key Ancon clients like Goodwill, Heart City Health, and Dental Care Alliance. He shares, “Being able to carry on relationships that Ancon has had for years or decades is a true honor!”

To new Ancon recruits, Chris offers valuable advice: “Never be afraid to ask questions. The vast majority of people you’ll interact with on a daily basis are more than happy to share their knowledge and experiences, which is the best way to learn and develop in any new position.”

Chris Morrical’s journey demonstrates the importance of embracing change, seeking mentorship, and seizing opportunities for growth in one’s career.

Thank you, Chris, for boldly transitioning from teaching to commercial construction. We’re proud to have you as a valuable member of our team and part of the Ancon Family of Employee-Owners.

About Ancon Construction:
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