Greg’s 20 Years with Ancon Construction


Greg embarked on his journey with Ancon Construction in the summer of 2003. Initially pursuing a career in architecture, Greg redirected his course after a year and a half of college. Drawn to hands-on work, his upbringing, filled with collaborative projects with his father, set the stage for his entrance into the construction world.

Greg’s passion for drawing, nurtured by his father’s role in the drafting department at Johnson Controls, evolved from sketching on a drafting table to mastering AutoCAD in high school. Although unsure about a career in construction initially, the joy of building from the ground up captivated him.

At Ancon Construction, Greg found more than a workplace; he found a family. “Ancon Construction is like a family around here. Everybody cares for everybody. They will help any out if you need help. You get to go to work, get a lot done and have fun at the same time.”

One of Greg’s standout projects was the Potawatomi Zoo Carousel. Beyond the satisfaction of its construction, watching his son delight in the carousel has become a cherished experience. The project coincided with his son’s birth, making it even more memorable.

Over the years, Greg diversified his skills, mastering carpentry through the ABC apprenticeship school in 2007, then concrete, and steel. He emphasized the importance of continuous learning and adapting to the uniqueness of each project, keeping him motivated over the past 20 years. “What keeps me motivated is every job is different. You are not doing the same job every day. You do get to be engaged in physical labor while simultaneously, using your brain and thinking of different ways to do each project. Each project demands a different approach.”

Greg enjoys mentoring the new generation of employee-owners, sharing his knowledge and fostering a positive work culture and currently has a focus on personal growth within the company.

As a testament to his journey, Greg encourages others to be “sponges of knowledge, cross-train extensively, stay true to oneself and stay positive.” His positivity, commitment, knowledge and craftsmanship make him a valuable asset to Ancon Construction.

About Ancon Construction:
Ancon Construction is a leading commercial design-build contractor offering services such as planning, architectural design, construction, remodeling, and maintenance. Headquartered in Goshen, Indiana, the company is 100% employee-owned and has been a cornerstone of the Michiana community’s architectural and construction landscape since 1975.

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