Goddard School Project Video Update.


June 28, 2019

Granger, IN-Ancon Construction, Premier Design-Build Construction Firm, is making huge progress on the first Goddard School location to come to our region.  Despite the record amount of rainfall, and daily rain days, our project has went from stick frames to eye popping color and timber elements in a hurry.

The red color was selected by the owner to make his building stand out along SR 23 just east of Heritage Square in Granger, IN.  The Owner worked with our in-house design team to accomplish the look and stay on budget.  The timbers give the location some added accents and provide a welcoming feeling as you approach the property.

“This is the first commercial project along this stretch of open land and is setting the tone for future development along this corridor.  This project has set a high standard in terms of design, materials and color selection” commented Ryan Kring, VP|Business Development.

The location has already received a large number of phone calls and is currently accepting applications for a variety of childcare roles.

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