Helping our community youth understand design and architecture.


Pictured left to right: Ancon Construction Designer Matt VanSoest, Ancon President Doug VonGunten, Intern Shelby Mack, Designer Bryan Baer, and Architect Ben King.

Starting off this new school year, Ancon Construction is happy to welcome a Northridge High School intern junior, Shelby Mack.

Shelby has had a love for architecture since she was a little girl. Playing games on her tablet, she often chose programs where she could design houses. She plans to continue her college education in architecture after high school.

One of her first assignments at Ancon will be getting up to speed using Revit design software and putting her new skills into action, assisting in the creative design process for a local church project.

Ancon is no stranger to having interns join their team. In fact, it is a big reason so many of their current designers and employees have joined them and are so successful.

Bryan Baer, a designer for Ancon, interned as a senior at Goshen High School through their ICE program. “To me, that internship was invaluable, as it helped me confirm what I wanted to do for a career and taught me a lot along the way. It was key in getting accepted into architecture school at Ball State University. When I had the opportunity to come back to Ancon, I didn’t think twice about it. It is great to have my internship come full circle,” said Bryan.

Matt VanSoest, designer, also interned with Ancon during his schooling at Ball State. “The Ancon internship program during my collegiate studies at Ball State University prepared me for real-world scenarios regarding high quality and cost-effective design and how it parallels general contracting and construction management. Being fully immersed within the profession extremely early within my career has been a rewarding experience,” added Matt.

Our Ancon design team is passionate about pouring into the youth and helping them understand design and architecture. We are delighted to have Shelby on board and look forward to helping her learn and grow as a designer even before she enters college.