Ancon Intern Wins State Design Award

Megan Sherck, who is currently an intern in the architecture studio at Ancon, is one of three Goshen High School Computer and Design students who have been named as award winners through the 2012 Indiana High School Architectural Design Competition.  Hosted by the Indianapolis chapter of the American Institute of Architects, the design competition featured 13 high schools from across the state with a total of 129 entries submitted.  According to the AIA, the goal behind the competition is to help entrants develop an appreciation and understanding of architecture and design; and to encourage the next generation of potential architects to consider entering the field.  This year’s theme required the students to design a bicycle shop/rental/competition facility to be located at the current Pan AM plaza in Indianapolis.

Established in 1892, the Indiana Chapter of the American Institute of Architects is a non-profit professional association representing the interests of and providing services to nearly 700 architects and affiliated design professionals. For more information visit