Ancon Serves on Design Jury

Ancon recently served on a design jury to determine the winner of the Estopinal Group Competition.  The competition, held during the 3rd year studio of architecture students at Ball State University, explored a multi-use center on Georgia Street in Indianapolis.  The multi-use center design concepts, located on the current Pan Am Plaza in Indianapolis, explored new building/new plaza options which featured a culinary arts education center, hospitality center, boutique hotel, and plaza redevelopment.  Fabriola Shifflett and Rochelle Jansing received 1st place on the project.  In addition, twenty three other students received honors and distinctions.  Along with Ancon, OPN Architects in Des Moines, Iowa and RATIO Architects in Indianapolis served on the design jury.

Ancon reflected on the project by stating: “The students did a remarkable job looking at re-activating the underutilized downtown site into a vibrant, portable, and adaptable space.  The designs reflected unique facades, “green” components, and interesting ways to strengthen the urban corridor.”