Project A Case Study

Architect and General Contractor Ancon Construction shares a brief description of their award winning project.  The project was awarded the 2013 ABC “Award of Excellence” in the “Interior Build-out Category”.  

Project A, also known as “A [User + Environment] Friendly Office”, is a 21,000 square foot business office build-out which breathed new life into a deteriorating and dormant portion of a 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility.  We transformed a simple cookie cutter metal building shell into an elaborate, adaptable office.  Interior offices have full glass wall systems -borrowing light from the adjacent two story open office atrium space.  Office areas are reconfigurable and anticipate different uses for future growth.  The building contains 625 lineal feet of operable ribbon windows, large skylight deflection wells, R-52 insulation values in both wall and ceiling, and LED lighting.  Design and construction experiments were performed in full scale canopy mockups, column details, ceiling and lighting system tests, and full scale cardboard cubicle layouts.   The two year project was a refreshing experience for our firm as we witnessed a building project become a positive influence on its users and the environment.