Four Flags Family Dentistry

Four Flags Family Dentistry

Four Flags Family Dentistry

Niles, Michigan


Ancon Construction undertook the construction of a new 4,000-square-foot dental office for Four Flags Family Dentistry in Niles, Michigan. The project was designed and built by Ancon Construction, focusing on creating a modern and functional space to accommodate the dental practice’s needs. 

Four Flags Family Dentistry, led by Dr. Michael Flewelling, is a prominent dental care facility in the Michiana area.

Project Features: The dental office project has several noteworthy features:

Design and Flexibility: Ancon’s in-house design team made sure the design not only facilitated the current requirements of the practice but also allowed for future expansion. This emphasis on flexibility showcased Ancon’s commitment to creating a space that could adapt to the evolving needs of the dental practice.

Eight Dental Suites: The new dental office incorporated eight well-equipped dental suites. These suites were strategically designed to cater to a variety of dental procedures while ensuring the comfort of both patients and dental staff.

Patient-Centric Spaces: The project paid special attention to the patient experience. The entry and waiting area were carefully crafted to provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. The waiting area reflected Four Flags Family Dentistry’s patient-oriented approach, ensuring that patients feel at ease during their visits.


“From beginning to end, my experience with Ancon Construction has been very positive. I love that they have complete control of the project from the start, with their in-house architects, and are on site seeing the project through to its end.   Their communication and organization during the project was unrivaled. Their timeline projections were accurate and achievable. Perhaps the most important thing I can recall from this experience are the people that are a part of Ancon. They are knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly. Through this process I developed very good relationships with the Ancon team working on my project.  For some that may not be important, but I can say with confidence that it is one of the major reasons they stand apart.  Their professionalism and integrity are top notch.

I would recommend Ancon to anyone, for projects big and small.”

Mike Flewelling, DDS