30 years of dedication and hard work

30 years of dedication and hard work

Meet Ken – 30 years of dedication and hard work

Ken is celebrating being an employee-owner at Ancon Construction for 30 years on October 25th. His journey began when he started as a laborer on the concrete crew. Prior to joining Ancon, Ken had a brief experience building furniture after coming home from the military. A year into furniture building, Ken knew the job wasn’t the right fit for him. With the economic recession in full swing, jobs were hard to come by, so he started working for a temp company. One day, when Ken was on break, he noticed Ancon Construction was across the street building a project. Ken decided he’d give them a call. Shortly after that, both he and his brother started working for Ancon Construction.

Ken’s commitment to Ancon Construction is evident in his long tenure and loyalty. He values Ancon’s commitment to its employees. Ken reflects, “Ancon is very good about caring about their people. There is no other company like our company. Ancon wants to make sure you have a future, and they do that with stock – all of us being employee-owners.”

Ken’s role has evolved over the years, transitioning from a laborer to operating heavy equipment after 15 years. Subsequently, he became a finisher and form carpenter, showcasing his adaptability. “My job has changed a lot in 30 years. And I have learned a lot of new skills. Over the years, I have learned how to operate all different kinds of equipment on the job. You can’t be afraid to learn something new and continue to adapt and take on new challenges.”

Ken also appreciates the diverse projects and locations Ancon offers, emphasizing the company’s unique qualities. He takes pride in his work. “I like to do projects the right way – I’m a perfectionist.”

There are two things Ken shared he really likes about this type of work:

  1. Each project is different. You might be pouring another footing, but it’s not the same footing you did on the last project.
  2. You are in a different area and a different climate.

Ken said his most memorable project was the Ross Laboratories (formally Abbott) built in Michigan back in the early 90’s. It was a huge project, and he remembers how bitterly cold and snowy that winter was. The project was long, work hours were long, and the project involved a lot of concrete work.

Ken’s 30-year journey at Ancon Construction reflects his dedication, adaptability, and appreciation for the company’s values and opportunities for its employees.

Thank you, Ken, for 30 years of being a dedicated, hard-working Employee-Owner!

Ancon Construction: Leading the Way in Dental Commercial Construction

Ancon Construction: Leading the Way in Dental Commercial Construction

Ancon Construction: Leading the Way in Dental Commercial Construction


Welcome to an insightful journey into the realm of dental commercial construction, where the vision of creating modern clinics that cater to both the practitioner and patient is an art in itself. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the dental industry in the United States employs approximately 120,740 general dentists (May 2022), many of whom aspire to establish their own dental clinics after gaining experience. However, the process of designing and constructing dental clinics goes beyond standard commercial projects, demanding a unique blend of creativity, compliance, and collaboration.

Since 1975, Ancon Construction has been at the forefront of the construction industry, continuously evolving its service lines to provide innovative solutions for its clients. Founded by Andy Frech, Ancon Construction’s journey took an inspiring turn in the ’80s and ’90s when Andy made a momentous decision to sell the company back to its employees. This move laid the foundation for the unique culture of Ancon Construction – a culture that revolves around our employees and their ownership, empowering them to thrive and take ownership of every project.

Designing a Dental Clinic: Beyond the Ordinary

Designing a dental clinic requires a team to listen to understand the specific requirements, distinct from typical office spaces. Plumbing and electrical designs play a critical role in dental clinics, demanding expertise from architects well-versed in this specialized space. You want an architect who ensures an environment that caters precisely to your needs and those of your patients. “A successful dental project is a result of a team effort of qualified professionals focused specifically on your vision, culture, and equipment for the practice,” shares Ben King, an in-house architect with Ancon Construction.

Dental Care Alliance
South Bend
Granger Dental & Orthodontics
Granger, IN
ABC IN/KY Award of Excellence
TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre
South Bend, IN
ABC IN/KY Award of Merit
Four Flags Family Dentistry
Niles, Michigan

Innovation and Collaboration: A Winning Combination

Ancon Construction’s True Design-Build is a one-stop-shop approach that allows us to work closely with you, our client, utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as 3D modeling and virtual walk-throughs, ensuring a seamless transition from design to construction. Our commitment to affordability, aesthetics, and constructability ensures that each project meets your needs and surpasses your expectations.

Crafting the Ideal Space: Fusion of Vision and Practicality

As a dentist envisioning your clinic, you may have specific ideas for your primary treatment room’s layout and equipment. Collaborating closely between you (the dentist), our in-house design-build team, and your equipment supplier is crucial, as it fosters a constructive dialogue that allows the fusion of your vision with construction. While you can offer precise guidance for treatment rooms, open dialogue with our design team facilitates innovative solutions for the overall clinic organization, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.

A Pioneering Legacy of Employee Ownership

For over the past two decades, Ancon Construction has proudly been 100% employee-owned, marking an exceptional achievement that speaks to its commitment to fostering a culture where every team member thinks like an owner.

A Shared Vision of Excellence

Ancon Construction’s mission is to surpass client expectations by delivering quality solutions and superior service through its commercial buildings, embodying a vision of becoming the premier commercial design-builder in the Michiana community. Our core values reflect a steadfast commitment to excellence, prioritizing customer satisfaction, integrity, community support, and the transformation of clients’ dreams into reality. With a team of highly skilled employee-owners, Ancon Construction takes great pride in constructing buildings that enable their partners to reach their maximum potential.

The world of dental commercial construction offers a fascinating blend of artistry and practicality. Designing modern dental clinics requires specialized expertise, an open dialogue between dentists and architects, and a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements. By partnering with experienced professionals like Ancon Construction, dental practitioners can embark on their journey toward a state-of-the-art clinic that serves both their professional needs and the well-being of their patients. So, take the first step toward crafting your dental clinic with confidence, and let’s get your project started together.


About Ancon Construction:
Ancon Construction is a leading commercial design-build contractor offering services such as planning, architectural design, construction, remodeling, and maintenance. Headquartered in Goshen, Indiana, the company is 100% employee-owned and has been a cornerstone of the Michiana community’s architectural and construction landscape since 1975.

For more information about Ancon Construction, contact Amy Self, Ancon Construction’s Marketing Manager, at 574.533.9561, aself@anconconstruction.com, or visit anconconstruction.com.

Ryan’s Journey in ABC Carpentry Apprenticeship Program

Ryan’s Journey in ABC Carpentry Apprenticeship Program

Ryan’s Journey in ABC Carpentry Apprenticeship Program

Meet Ryan. He is embarking on his second year in the Associated Builders and Contractors of Indiana/Kentucky (ABC) carpentry apprenticeship program. Through ABC’s partnership with Vincennes University, apprentices in Indiana can also earn a tuition-free associate degree.

Ryan is a part of Ancon Construction’s Building Services (ABS) division, which assists businesses in the commercial and industrial industries, with small business projects and repairs.  Throughout his journey, Ryan has gained valuable insights and skills.

 “Hands-on learning is what I value the most from the program. In ABS, we get a lot of small remodels, not a lot of full builds. In the first year of the ABC Apprenticeship Program, we learned how to do a full build – from the ground up, including floor and wall systems – everything! This was very beneficial for me because it isn’t something I currently do often.”

 The program’s hands-on learning experience has been very impactful for Ryan. This immersive approach has proven invaluable to him, and he recognizes this is valuable for his future career.

“We learn in a classroom setting, then go out into a shop and do what we just learned.” He believes in the mantra of “show up, work hard, and want it.”

 Joining Ancon has been a transformative decision for Ryan, escaping the monotony of factory work he experienced for several years. It was Ryan’s close friend, Jacob, an Ancon colleague, who encouraged him to apply to Ancon. Ryan has found a deep appreciation for this new path, embracing the satisfaction that comes from learning a trade.

 Ryan enjoys the ever-changing landscape of construction projects and the perpetual learning process, where each unique scenario demands his best. The knowledge he gains not only shapes his present but also holds the potential to contribute to his future aspirations, such as remodeling a house someday.

 As Ryan’s journey continues, he envisions himself in a leadership position in years to follow. Driven to ascend to a foreman or superintendent role, his dedication propels him toward excellence in his craft.

A Journey of Learning and Growth

A Journey of Learning and Growth

A Journey of Learning and Growth


Meet Joseph – he is entering his second year at the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Indiana/Kentucky carpentry program through Ancon Construction.

Joseph understands the importance of continuing to learn and grow. ABC’s Carpentry Apprenticeship program allows him the opportunity to have someone explain new skills, as well as teach and guide him. Armed with this knowledge, he is more confident as he steps onto various job sites.

Working at Ancon Construction has opened his eyes to a new world of possibilities. Not only does he want to excel in his current role, but he also wants to start a new hobby renovating a house. He believes that the skills and insights he is gaining from the apprenticeship program and on-the-job learning will prove invaluable in his pursuit of both a successful career path and future hobbies.

His decision to join Ancon was, in part, influenced by his Goshen High School building trades. Joseph is grateful for this advice and is thriving in this environment. What he loves most about his job is the constant activity and the satisfaction of completing projects. He relishes the opportunity to continue learning, honing his skills, and becoming more resourceful. He also enjoys the support system provided by Ancon Construction.

With each semester in the ABC apprenticeship program, Joseph is feeling more confident in the trade. The hands-on training and the valuable safety certifications have helped him grow. Joseph shares, “I’ve really enjoyed the program. It has been great. It provides in-depth information that I need for my job and also offers certification in heavy equipment and safety, which helps me be better prepared and understand the equipment and materials used on job sites.”

As he looks toward the future, Joseph had ambitious plans. His goal is to earn his associate degree through the ABC program while continuing to work at Ancon. He appreciates the flexibility offered by the program, giving him the option to complete it during or after his apprenticeship.

Reflecting on his journey, Joseph encourages other students to explore their interests in the trades. He emphasizes the significance of taking classes that sparked their passion and open doors to exciting career opportunities.

Starting 4th Year in ABC Carpentry Apprentice Program

Starting 4th Year in ABC Carpentry Apprentice Program

Starting 4th Year in ABC Carpentry Apprentice Program

Trent, a dedicated carpentry apprentice at Ancon Construction, will soon be embarking on his fourth year in Associated Builders and Contractors of Indiana/Kentucky’s (ABC) Carpentry Apprenticeship Program this August. Reflecting on his experiences over the past three years in the program, he shared he values the diversity of construction tasks, from concrete work to framing, surpassing his expectations. 

“Whether it’s concrete or framing. I’ve learned more than I’d expected,” shared Trent.

Trent aspires to become a superintendent one day, but presently he is focused on continuous learning and professional growth. His journey with Ancon began with a job offer after he expressed his desire for hands-on work. 

Trent’s story is a perfect example of a true craftsman, always eager to grow and explore new things. “What I enjoy about Ancon Construction is the nonstop learning experience – whether it’s framing or measuring something to pouring concrete and learning how to form it. It’s something different every day.”

Don, Ancon Construction’s Director of Operations and Safety, had this to say about Trent: “Trent has been a great addition to the Ancon team! His dedication to the apprenticeship shows his eagerness to learn and grow his skill set. He is an example of what a person with little to no construction experience can achieve if they apply themselves.”